You spent SO long getting your degree and your academic job. You delayed and deferred so much so that you could get here. 

Isn't it finally time to focus on what this career and life have FOR you? 

Have you ever found yourself thinking this? 

I'll be happy once I finish my PhD.

Once I get this research published.

Once I get a job.

Once I get that grant.

Once I get tenure. 

And then you learned that your life wasn't magically better or happier after you reached those goals than before? 

It doesn't have to be this way. The teaching, coaching, and community in Flourishing @ Work are there to help you re-design your job and your mindset from the inside out. 

You can enjoy the life you worked so long and hard to create. 

with Jennifer Askey

PhD, CPCC, PCC | Academic Coach

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What you get in the program:

  • Clarity on the values and goals that are going to guide your unique path

  • Control of your life and career. Get off the achievement hamster wheel and pursue your definition of success

  • Emotional and mental fitness strategies to combat burnout and increase your happiness

  • Stop prioritizing other people's needs and work and focus on your own

  • Improve your mind-body-heart connection 

  • A supportive community of academics, all on their own unique path to life and career fulfillment

 You need to re-tool your relationship to yourself, your body, your work, and your mind. 

 And I'm here to help!

The Flourishing @ Work program will teach you and support you to create your resilient academic life! 

See what people are saying

"This is, without question, the most useful professional development that I've done in the last 5ish years.."

Beta version participant
Assoc Prof

"There may never be the right time, but this work is about finding the time, now and in the future. It's essential work. During the class, it was helpful for me to set aside even a short time each week to prepare for the next session. Now, I am applying the lessons to my daily habits, little by little. No need for a large store of free time ..."

Beta version participant
Full Prof

"Try it! Even small steps towards making work-life and life-work better is worth it."

Beta version participant
Assoc Prof

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Flourishing at Work in Academia


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Are you a professor(*) struggling with the following?

(*)Professor is a catch-all term. Tenure-track, tenured, adjunct, sessional, soft-money, research-focused, etc. All are welcome and if this speaks to you, this is FOR you! 

Elements of the Program

Rolling Enrollment for the year-long program

Join when you can. All timing is right timing. If you miss something, it will circle around again AND past sessions will be available via recording.

Individual Onboarding

You and I will meet one-on one for your  onboarding and goal-setting session. I'll help you determine how you are going to get exactly what you need from the program.

Monthly Live Calls

Two calls each month on a topic that that helps you gain insight or take action.

Time for Q&A, time for micro-coaching, time for learning from others' successes and struggles.

Insight Topics Include:
  • Create a richly detailed vision of your own success
  • Learn how to manage your nasty Inner Critic
  • Discover how to find FLOW in your work
  • Nurture your network and your "warm" research audience
  • Establishing TRUST at work
Action Topics Include:
  • A yearly planning system geared to academics
  • Using LinkedIn for professional networking
  • Grant writing advice and best practices
  • Tackling grading creatively
  • Why tracking your time makes sense
Mindfulness, Mentoring, More. .

This generous "container" for personal & professional development gives you lifetime access. I'll regularly offer the 6-week Positive Intelligence program and my own Academic/Coach program. Positive Intelligence is a mindfulness program that helps you get out of your own way! A/C is all about increasing your joy & effectiveness as a mentor.

Meet your coach

Jennifer Askey


I have been an academic coach for five years, working with academics one-on-one to help them identify and meet their career goals.

In this course, I am taking the key foundational steps I provide for all of my one-on-one clients and putting them together in an accessible, cohort-based course that gives you the best possible foundation for career planning, career decision making, and productivity.

Not only will you learn key wellbeing and productivity strategies, you'll learn and practice them together, with other smart, dedicated, cool people who want academic life to be fun and rewarding.

Before I became a coach, I was an adjunct professor, a visiting professor, a tenure-track then tenured professor, Dean's project coordinator, and a Learning and Professional Development Coordinator -- all in higher education.

In addition to my Ph.D. in German Literature, I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with CTI, and a Professional Certified Coach through ICF, and a certified Positive Intelligence coach.

Enroll today for a single $2222 fee!

Flourishing at Work in Academia


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Getting Started

Welcome Friends

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Small Group Coaching

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and offers opportunities for micro-coaching, as well as feedback and support.

Create academic community

One of the pillars of wellbeing is positive social relationships. Join us to build an academic community that focuses on wellbeing.

Learn with a cohort of peers

In a cohort, one person's a-ha moment gets to be everyone's insight. Learn and grow together and increase your impact.

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